Ryan Bott

Mobile & Web Developer from Norman, OK with my roots in Pittsburgh, PA.

I began tinkering with Web Design and code back in the days of Xanga and MySpace, taking the source codes from templates and learning how to cut, alter and change backgrounds to create appealing themes. This is all before I ever knew what “HTML” was, what it stood for or that I could ever make a living using it.

I took what I learned then and haven’t stopped since. Along the way I dove deep into the rabbit hole, currently focusing on Ruby on Rails, front and back-end JavaScript and iOS Development.

about me | Ryan Bott

When I’m not pushing pixels I like to play board games and drink copious amounts of loose-leaf teas. Drawing up mockups and wireframes on whiteboards, effect pedals and music gear as an ambient guitar and keyboard player. I climb rocks when I can, take my dog, Rosco, out to play as much as possible and enjoy traveling around the world without much more then a backpack and a passport, taking in the culture first hand.


A list of personal projects as well as work I have been apart of professionally.

Veyo Website and mobile app startup connecting with local resturants and stores. Available on iPhone and Android


Veyo is a new way to cash in great deals at your favorite local restaurants and stores.
Led a small team in creating the initial beta and build while handling business/legal needs. Finishing final build specs before launch both on the User app and on the Company Dashboard site.
Veyo will soon be launch on iPhone and Android
visit at Veyo.co

OK Sounds | music videos showcasing up and coming local Oklahoma music artists


OKsounds is dedicated to showcasing local Oklahoma music; known and unknown.
We collaborate with musicians; filming stripped down, acoustic versions of their songs in locations that point out the beauty of Oklahoma.
Designed and deployed the current web site while working directly with the founder and lead videographer.
visit at OKsounds.net

Skill Starter | Connecting creative people with ideas and startups


A 54 hour Startup Weekend Project:
Connecting creative people with ideas and Startup projects. Worked as Lead Web and creative developer in a team of four to conceptualize the idea, UI/UX media, create the main web page with email signup and lead the creative vision for final presentations 54 hours later.
Visit at SkillStarter.org

OU2GO is one of the official University of Oklahoma mobile applications and your mobile link to the University of Oklahoma community on the iPhone Apple iTunes App Store.


An Official University of Oklahoma Application. OU2GO is your mobile destination for campus weather, news, maps, videos, radio and more.
My main tasks were to update native Objective-C and blend with web view models to meet iOS 7 updates and prepare for big app update/sunset in preparation for Universal app, OU, and work with major maps/graphics overhaul on mobile web.
Download OU2GO on iPhone

Disguise It | new drawing game for iPhones on iOS

Disguise It

An iPhone drawing based game. Can you hide the obvious from your friends? Can you see what they've hidden from you? Disguise It allows you to stump your friends with only the touch of a finger!
My main tasks were to build and deploy the main single-page website and to help build out the main password update and recovery system/design that went into the main launch product.
Download Disguise It on iPhone

Mintiva topical over the counter pain relief. Mintiva incorporates maximum strength FDA-approved topical pain relievers, unique all-natural botanical ingredients, and cutting-edge cosmetic formulations


Mintiva products are topical, over the counter pain-relief creams aimed to relieve TMJ, Migrain and tension pain.
Led in Social Media campaigns using Twitter ads, Facebook ads and Adsense to make proven conversion to sales, A/B tests and generation of new leads.
Also led in various amounts of Web Development, SEO and code maintenance on top of Shopify's E-Commerce platform working directly with the Founder.
Visit at Mintiva.com

Skills and Services


Throughout the years, I've worked hard on expanding my skills on a wide array of platforms and mediums. Everything from pencil and paint art to backend framework coding and everything else in between.

If you are working on new projects and feel I would be a good asset or if your business is in need of a creative solution to a website, graphics, social media marketing/SEO, a mobile app or photography/videography need, get in contact with me and we'll find a solution.


Ruby on Rails 50%
HTML 90%
iPhone Dev 50%
JavaScript 60%
PhotoShop 70%
Social Media/SEO 80%


I'm always looking for new projects, ideas and conversations to have coffee over.

Whether it's just to say hi or for any inquiries, please feel free to connect with me through the contact form below or through social media.